SMALL AND POWERFUL Reeper Sport The Reeper Sport is the perfect combination of the Reeper and Reeper4. It was designed with the more adventurous driver in mind. The Reeper Sport has only 2 doors, but it comes with the 1100 cc Chery motor. The ground clearance is 11” high, and the rims are custom. It is the same length as the Reeper, 10’ 3”, and weighs approximately 1,500 pounds. The Reeper Sport is available in black, electric blue, or red. The 3,000 pound wench, USB capable FM radio, and Reese hitch come standard, as does a soft top. The Reeper Sport is street legal but has more power at take off and going up and over rough roads. Front and rear locking differentials make off road driving even more fun.   Made with MAGIX